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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portland Auto Approval Center?
Portland Auto Approval Center is your help center in getting an auto loan for the car of your choice.

Are the auto loans youíre offering for used or new cars only?
We get you approved for an auto loan regardless of the type of car you want to purchase. You are free to choose any car you want to finance.

Is there a certain fee I need to pay for your service?
We donít require any fee for our service. Itís our pleasure to make it possible for people to own a car.

How much loan amount can I get approved for?
That depends on several factors including, but not limited to, your credit score, monthly income, and the type of vehicle you want to finance. We recommend using our pre-approval calculator to get an estimate of the loan amount you can get financed.

How long does the approval process take?
We start processing your application as soon as we receive it. In most cases, we give the decision in a few minutes. However, make sure that all fields in the application form are properly filled out with the required information to avoid application error or denial.


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