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With bad Portland traffic, a car would certainly make a comfortable commute.!

If you work, study or live in Portland, Oregon, you'd know how heavy traffic, rush hour and long commutes feel like in this city. We at Portland Auto Approval Center know how owning a car can make things easier, better and more comfortable for anyone who commutes to and from the most populous city in Oregon.

But isn't buying a car these days as difficult as buying and selling a home? Nope. Portland Auto Approval Center is here to help and we'll make sure you get a great auto loan deal so you can comfortably purchase the car you need.

How about bad credit? No credit? Repossession? Bankruptcy? We've got you covered! We approve all types of credit! So GET APPROVED TODAY and start by filling out the application form.

Got questions or requests? Reach us via email or the contact form provided at the Contact Us page and someone from Portland Auto Approval Center will be there shortly for you. In the meantime, check out our FAQ page for more information.

It's our pleasure to help people get behind the wheel.


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